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I asked my dr. about this illness all the time. Roughly what she said was Yes in order to become "immune" is to be exposed. 2nd exposer isnt "as" bad BUT the body works to fight it faster. Example; 2nd time around with same exact cold that Granda brought to your house(;) ) lets say...;) ... Ok so now the body knows this particular virus and will attack with it's defense...Like a fever. that is why some kids get a fever for a few hours then it's gone but no other symptoms.... Dr. said that the more they are exposed the less they will be sick later on. As a matter of fact she reminded me that my 1st born was Croupy all the time and even with 3 other kids in the house his immune system is fairly good.

One thing my Dr. wanted to stress was "is your dr. diagnosing an ear infection"? Is it a true infection or just redness?

Dr. also said that and she stressed this, that since baby is in daycare (OR any child with more than kid around it) can get sick with one cold and then before they are completely over it can get another one on top of that one. So your ds6months could be sick today with Virus#1 and get Virus#2 next week. She also said that virus depending on which ones have a period of a few days before they show signs so yes contagion can be there before you even know poor baby is sick. :(

She also said that teething can cause the immune system to be lowered thus the colds that are around are saying "hey this is a great place to go" . We talked for a while can ya tell!;)

my dd6months is doing fine, she has congestion but nothing in her chest. But dr. noticed the eczema flare up on DD2 1/2's face and we talked about that as well. So just a little saline in baby's nose and hopefully she'll be golden soon.

So I do think that eventually Not soon but eventually your baby will have a better immune system. I would deffinately make sure the dr. is right even if you get a 2nd opinion to find out if it's just teeth or not. MIne tugged their ears all the time when teething and never had an infection thank God. Go figure:dizzy: .

Dont be afriad to put the cereal (not thick) in his formula, just make sure your slit is just a little bigger in the nipple. I go through a lot nipples when trying to cut the hole a little bigger but once ya got the right size hole ( i use a knive ) it's so worth it and they dont make a mess when eating. I usually make the morning and late afternoon the formula/cereal/fruit then the rest are just formula. She is just getting to eating a jar in the morning after her palin bottle of milk. Wow she amazes me, she doesnt miss a drop and the rest use to get it everywhere. LOL

I also do the feeding before I go to bed thing so i can get some straight sleep.

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