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Hi everyone

Thanks for replies. Well I started solids this week. He will be 6 months old next week. We did sweet potatos and he loved it. I didn't think he was ready to eat since he always spit out the rice cereal. The first night of solids he still woke up 2x. The next night he woke up 1x. Last night I put him to bed at 8 and he slept straight through to 5:30. I was so happy! When you have seen your baby sleep 8-9 hour stretches, you can become very spoiled. I know so many people who have never had their baby sleep through the night. So I have been lucky and of course do not want it to end!

I do still sleep in the same room as him. So maybe I should consider moving back to my own room. I know once he can sit up and see me through the crib things will probably get worse.

Thanks for the input.
Just a quick update. My dd is back to sleeping thru the night!:blob_fire Since her 2 lower teeth poked through her gums, she is much better! I think that's all it was~She is now sleeping 8:30-7:00 staight!!!! Here's to all our little ones sleeping thru the night!!!!:wave:
Hope2heal, do you put cereal in hte forumula? My kids didnt eat cereal until about 5months then tried the fruits one at a time. I use to put hte cereal in the forumla becuase they spit it out too. But that was just the morning and late after noon bottles. I would put fruit as well in them but they do eat the fruit on their own. I know all to well about geting spoiled with ones that go to sleep through the night then for no reason(not even illness) they stop. I do know that most kids do get up till about 9-12 months for a feeding still at night. Not sure if your little one is going through a growth spurt but maybe he is. You did say he was doing this before he got sick so maybe that is what it might be. Or maybe it was hte makings of him not starting to feel well. I'm not sure what's the matter, just going by what i've been through with the ones i've got. Teeth,illness,growth are the only ones i've seen them get up for at night. I had my one daughter(#3) go through 3months of pain at night and holding her mouth till her teeth came in it was awfull. I hope that isnt going to be your case. I think from what you wrote he is about 6month now. So is my DD(#4), she is great with the sleeping. But #3 dd o boy that what a challange. That was the one where I was pregnant with #4 and #3 was screaming 4 times a night. it was horrible, I got no sleep at all. Peditrician yelled at me and siad let her cry since we knew there was no other reason. Now she sleeps great even through storms;).

Ya know what I"m going to ask my pediatrician about the problem you have with daycare. I'll ask if there is any truth to if they are sick now when will their immune system be better. It's 5:21pm here eastern time. I have a 6:15pm appt. 6month old DD is croupy and not getting better. So when i'm there i'll ask. O this is her 2nd illness and we dont go to daycare. I'll post after I get back.
That was the same time my daughter stopped sleeping through the night too, I think she hit a growing phase and was up a lot to eat. I ended up sleeping with her and now she is going on one and I still do.

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