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DS now sleeps through the night - from about 9 p.m. to 4:30 a.m.

I feed him at 4:30 a.m. and put him back down to sleep again. He is usually pretty wide awake at this time and rocking him back to sleep often takes some time.

When he does fall asleep, it is usually for a couple of hours and he doesn't seem to fall into a deep sleep (he makes a lot of noise and moves around a lot).

Is it wrong to put DS back to bed after sleeping 8+ hours?

How do you handle this situation when your baby sleeps through the night but still wakes up early?
Just had a huge post and deleted it. I reread what you wrote and wanted to give different advice to you.

Well 9-4:30am is great to begin with! wow a lot of woman have to beg,borrow and steal to get that. My kids except #3 were like that. #3 dont ask about, she'd make you not want to have any more. LOL but she's a cutie and is great now.

OK once awake you feed at 4:30am and hten put back to sleep. Got that part.....
You say that baby fusses and doesnt get into a deep sleep after you feed.
#1, is he burped all the way?
#2 is he changed?
#3is he still Hungry(did you give enough)?

If yes to all of these then place him in a different room. You will hear him if he cries for you. You know he is up because you are NOT getting back to sleep yourself and that is not healthy for your well being. YES in answer to your question YOU SHOULD PUT HIM back to bed after he has had 8 hours of sleep. The reason is is that you are TEACHING baby to go back to sleep. i hope this helps

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