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What is it like when you switch your child to whole milk? Do they tend to like it or do they have to get used to it like food?
I switched to whole milk at 11mths and took me a mth to completeley put him on whole milk. I had to mix it with formula coz DS did not like the whole milk right away.
Yes do it gradually. My dd took well to it but some kids can get constipated or gassy from the switch. Some kids maybe even lactose intolerant. So slowly adding it 1-2oz milk to 6 oz formula then change it up an ounce or two a week later. Something like that. I think the hardest thing is the taste for the baby's. I am breast feeding right now and be darned if ds will take formula!! Forget it he would rather starve!! It is just different from what they know and they don't like it!!
My 5 yr old took really well to whole milk - I dont think he even noticed the difference to tell you the truth. I put him on it when he was 12 months old. But doing it gradually sounds sensible.

[QUOTE]I am breast feeding right now and be darned if ds will take formula!! Forget it he would rather starve!![/QUOTE]

Same with my 2 month old. He doesnt much like the taste of formula at all, and will not eat at all rather than take it.
We also started at 11 months and gradually made the change over that month. He will be a year tomorrow and he is now completely on whole milk. I have noticed that I have been having to give him something for constipation more frequently since the switch.

Same with my kids. I did it gradually, mixing it with there formula until all they were taking was whole milk. I did notice (t.m.i.) that when I did switch tem they were a bit constipated they would poo marbles. There poo was round like a little ball and I really had to be careful because when I would change there diapers if they grabbed there diapers I had poo balls rolling all over. I told the doctor about it and she told me to give them prune or apple juice. She reccomends no more than 2 ounces of juice a day and I have noticed it has helped make them not as round now they are becoming more normal.

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