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You got in 5 months which is great. Most of the immunities and things that are passed on to the baby are in the colostrum during the first few weeks of breastfeeding. After that your body is basically making milk. So don't feel bad you got the best and most important part in your baby already. My friends milk dried up when she went back to work too. As to bottle feeding at night, is there some one other then yourself that can get up to give a bottle of formula? They say to have someone else do it so they don't get you and expect to be nursed. It will make the transition easier. Once they are used to it then it is fine to do it yourself.
If you are only getting 1 oz per feeding, then when you breastfeed at night your DD gets 1 oz when she gets up? I wouldn't offer her more then that with a bottle. Because this will only encourage her to get up to eat not sleep then night through. If you follow what I am trying to say.
Hey Trooper Darling!

Oh, how I feel for you... I was there, remember? I actually stopped posting here for a while because I just couldn't take it anymore. But I wanted to offer my support to you.
I hit it pretty hard after I realized that I just wasn't able to breastfeed anymore. I cried pretty much through every feeding. I gave her the breast first and as soon as Sofia would start getting frustrated my tears would well up along with it...we both would end up in tears and I would have to give her the bottle. But you know, it doesn't stop there, I mean beating yourself up over it is one thing, but having to explain to everybody, why I'm not breastfeeding and seeing the astonished look on peoples faces (like saying "I've never heard of 'drying up' but if you say so...") made it that more difficult for me. I would cry at the sight of every breastfeeding mother. I felt such deep sadness, I can't even describe it. I felt so pathetic trying to pump drops, sometimes spending an hour for not even an ounce worth, and as I was taking the pump apart to clean, shake out the left over drops into the bottle, because i felt horrible washing it out and wasting it. But that made me feel better because I was doing something.

As others have pointed out, you gave Jayden the best of you and that's the most wonderful gift you could have given her! As for weaning, well I don't really know since for me it went gradually almost naturally, since I was giving her breast and formula at the same time, until finally there just wasn't any breastmilk left and the formula would take over.
Sofia sleeps through the night with formula, that's the good news. And for our 4 month appointment tomorrow, I'm hoping that the Pedi will give us the green light for solids. That way I can at least make it up to her by giving her food I will prepare for her instead of jars.

I still have 4oz. (YAY!) of breastmilk in the freezer that I want to give her soon, but I wanted to make sure she won't spit it up again, which has almost stopped by now. And believe it or not, but every now and then I can feel milk in my breast and I take the pump out. It will only give me ~1oz. but hey, that's great, right?

Bottom line is, there is nothing anyone can say or do to make this easier or better for you, you will be sad and that's OK! It only showes how much you care for your precious one! We will have so many expectations from ourselves throughout this journey of motherhood, I have a feeling this is only the beginning and we can't beat ourselves up over it. We are doing the very best we can and that's the most wonderful gift for our little ones!

hugs and love,


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