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Sweetie, after what you just wrote I feel that you would have great success in giving her a bottle from now on with no worries. I have done a lot of research on lactatoin and know from my last 3 as well. For DD's sake give her a bottle tonight instead of your breast. :( I know you will be upset about this and you might even cry. Been there done that and yes hated it every time. It's a new milestone your DD will go through so enjoy that she will be going to formula and you did a great job in getting her tihs far with breastmilk. How wonderful you must feel that you gave your baby the best thing you could give her and for as long as you could.! It does happen and there is no shame. I had to stop with my 2nd due to mastitis but did go till he was 5months. 3rd was only for 3months (mastitis constantly) and 4th was becuase 2nd and 3rd wouldnt let me. Running after them was a pain. and 1st I never did it. So you have accomplished the one thing no man can every say they can! KUDOS to you honey. (laughing at the man thing LOL LOL sorry had to throw that in there)

Tonight lay with her and put her close to your breast and feed her from the bottle. If you feel let down just let it come down and if you are engorged tomorrow then feed her or pump. But from what you are saying it doesnt look like it is going to happen. You might have to make sure her formula (if its powder) is put in blender or food prosessor so it's got no lumps in it. If you do do that hten make sure you let is sit for a few min's so that the bubbles go away. If she doesnt have a problem with the lumps then your good to go!

Good luck and welcome to this new part of being a mom and congratulations for nursing her. Best wishes tonight with bottle.

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