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How old is your baby? If they are a newborn and you don't want to always be supplementing, I would try to not start in the first place or try to pump in between feeds and supplement with whatever you get. If you start introducing formula, your body may never produce enough to feed your baby. If you really need to supplement see if you can get what is called a supplemental nursing aid. Mine was like a tiny feeding tube and a syringe filled with EBM. I had tons of milk but my son was working so hard to get it that he wasn't gaining but burning it off. Anyway, you keep them at the breast and give them the milk through the tube into the corner of their mouth (in my case I was using nipple shields so I put the tube into it). As they suck you an either push the milk into their mouth or allow the natural vacuum created by sucking to bring it down. The continued sucking helps to stimulate further production.
Good luck...I know it is a trying process as my first was never able to latch (after a month of trying) and got EBM for 10 months (I only had to pump for 7 and had enough stored after that). My second needed help for about 2-3 weeks and now is a strapping 20 pound 8.5 month old.

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