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I laughed at the previous poster who said manually pumping is so easy. I am on baby #2...he's almost 9 months old and have never been able to manually pump and don't think it's easy at all. My first was given EBM exclussively as he could never master nursing/latching. I had tons of milk but had to learn to use the pump and relax while doing it so that there was enough milk for him. I pumped every 2-3 hours at first, then every 3-4, then 4-6 and finally just every 6 hours. At the start I took blessed thistle AND fenugreek, drank fennel tea, drank tons of water, massaged my breasts before and during pumping and used a hospital grade pump.
With #2 I was (still am) able to nurse but pumped at the start due to mixed messages in the hospital and then pumped again when I was heading out or after I came home and had missed a feed. I was amazed at the difference between how much I could pump in the early first weeks compared to after a month or two of not pumping much at all. I know I have enough for my son now as his diapers are soaked etc but when I pump after 8 hours of not feeding him, I barely get 3 ounces. Proof to me that pumping is not the same to the body as nursing.
Anyway, I would suggest sticking to it as much as possible and not giving formula. Try feeding on both sides, feeding often and if that still isn't enough and you have to give formula, try doing it with a lactation aid. You can get them at any breastfeeding clinic or lactation consultant I think. It is a tube and syringe that you put the formula into. Then place the tube by your nipple and allow your baby to suckle and get the formula that way. That way you are still getting the stimulation and your babe doesn't discover how easy it is to get milk from a bottle and learn to prefer that as my first did.
Good luck!!!

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