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Well DS is 7 1/2 months and hes been eating solids twice a day for a while but im not sure if i should start giving him different foods or feeding him more often? because it doesnt seem to fill him up for very long..ive been giving him mainly jarred foods. Yestrerday my moms friends was here with her DS and hes just going on 7 months and she gives him actual table bread, toast, eggs, pancakes, crackers..i was shocked i imagine thats WAY too young for that stuff..but my sister said she gave her kids those puffs that are supposed to melt in their mouth at 5-6 months so i gave DS one yesterday and he choked on im scared to ever give him food ever again! I dunno what else to give him though or how often so if anyone could give me their opinion, id greatly appreciate it! Thanks a lot!:)
I am in the same boat as you. My son is 6 months and I don't know what to give him next. He now eats 3 meals a day (cereal and fruit for breakfast & lunch and then vegetables and fruit for dinner). I am getting ready to start table foods like bananas and cheerios and maybe some soft vegetables. I too have a huge fear of choking so I will probably cut the bananas really small and I am going to wet the cheerios first to get them soft. I do feel like you should give your baby more food by now, especially 3 times a day. Advice I got from friends is cut the food really small and even put it in a little baby food (from the jars). I guess it's easier to swallow that way. Someone else suggested those puff things for me but I don't feel that's a good first table food so I am waiting. Keep me posted we can struggle through this together.
My daughter didn't eat ANYTHING around that age. She started off like most 4-6 month olds with some rice cereal and then gradually some veggies and she quit eating. So, I quit feeding her food for a couple of month and now she is 11 months old and I feed her any fruit that is orange or yellow. Apricots, peaches, pineapple, mangos, etc is what she likes and what she will eat, so I give her what she eats and I don't force anything else. Just within the last week, I began feeding her SOME table food. She only has two bottom teeth so I always worry about choking. I let her have 2-4 grains of rice at a time and she liked it. I also tried mashed potatos, but she didn't favor it as much. I let her have half of a milk soaked Fruit Loop in the mornings and I just go by how I FEEL and what she likes and how I think SHE FEELS. No worries, your not behind or messing up. A few kids will eat table foods early or that may be that parents wish, but normally it takes time to learn that.
Ok I hope this helps. I just came from the doctors office for my daughters 6 month check up. Here is what she told me...
She can have 3 meals a day and, if you are formula feeding, a bottle at bedtime. They should have 24-28 oz of formula per day. With no bottle in bed.
4-6 Tablespoons of cereal, 4-8 tablespoons of fruit, 4 tablespoons of veggies.
They can have fingerfoods too. Can have teething biscuits, plain cup-up soft fruits and veggies.
Can begin juices but no orange juice until 7-9 months.
No regular milk until the age of 1.

My dd just started with veggies this week. She started with peas this week. She hated them at first but now she loves them and doesnt want to stop until they are all gone and I cant seem to feed her fast enough. We started her with cereal at 4 months but then we had to stop shortly afterwards due to a reaction she had but then we started her back on it a few weeks ago and she did just fine. It is a parents decision on how soon to feed your child certain foods. We are trying to take it slow with her. She is eating 2-3 times a day now and nursing in between.

Hope this helps you.

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