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My DD is almost 11 months now and I started her on solids very slowly. By six months she ate very little...she never took to jarred food, except for fruit (which I didn't want to give her TOO much of!).

We get teething biscuits here and she loves them. I also found some baby wafers and other baby cookies with no sugar and so on, and she loves that too. By about 9 months she was eating 3 - 4 small meals a day, including a biscuit. She loves yoghurt, cheese, strawberries...even meat - I give her tiny bits of cooked minced beef, or tiny pieces of chicken breast. I just cut everything into very small pieces at first and she liked to try and pick it up off her tray. The yoghurt is about the only food I spoon feed her, she doesn't like to be spoon fed very much...I think she wants to be in control!

She was always more interested about what was on DH and my plate at dinner time than anything I prepared for her. So we ended up having steamed chicken and veggies a few times. That only worked a couple of she basically tries everything off the table. Within limits, though.

Anyway, I was worried when she was about 7 months old, because she wouldn't eat regularly and I couldn't really find anything that she wanted to eat much of. I tried not to make a big deal of the eating thing, because it's not really for nutrition, but rather for practice. Now she eats regularly and I think we're on track to start partially weaning by a year. Good luck, and try not to force your baby to eat. Just follow your lo's lead!

Oh, another fingerfood that she grew into is cubes of rye toast. With margerine and marmite or vegemite. We're even doing smooth peanutbutter these days. (no allergies in our families). I always offer something to drink after eating, like a bit of water or diluted apple juice. She drinks that from a cup that I hold for her...she doesn't like her sippy cup. I have a feeling that we're gonna go straight from the breast to a normal cup...we'll see how it goes, maybe I'm being too optimistic! :)

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