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I know I have posted questions about this in the past, but I am still concerned about how much formula my 6 month old is getting. On a good day he will take 20oz but normally it's closer to 16. He gets 3 meals a day but I don't give him a lot of food because I don't want him to fill up and not take his bottle. He is still waking up to be fed in the middle of the night sometimes twice. I know if he eats more during the day he sill sleep better but I feel like I have to force feed him sometimes. Should I increase his solids and not worry about the bottles?
I've been having the same problem with my dd (5.5 months). She wasn't drinking enough milk during the day and was still waking at night. So I cut out her solids completely until I got a handle on her milk intake. She was only getting about 18oz a day. Now I can get her to drink 24 - 28 ounces in a day, and she has been sleeping thru the night.

Now I'm scared to start back on solids because I'm afraid that it's going to fill her up. I'm going to post another thread on it, as to not highjack this one.

My dd's pediatrician said it was the right thing to do to cut back on the solids and increase the milk. Because right now, the milk is WAY more important. At 6 months, he should be drinking 24 - 32 ounces of milk. This will also help him sleep at night.

I guess my suggestion would be to make sure he's on a good feeding schedule. My dd takes a bottle every 4 hours like clockwork. Most days she'll get a good 24 ounces. However, I am not sure what it's going to be like when we start back on solids.

I was really worried about my dd weight because she is in the 75% for her height, but only 25% for her weight. Her pediatrician said that I should not worry because she is still 'chubby' in her arms, legs, and cheeks.

I wish this feeding thing was easier - I stress over it every day - because I know if she doesn't drink enough she's going to be up at night to feed. And my husband works nights, so it's only me - and I have to work full time too.

I was wondering when you offer the bottle? Before you feed him solids or after?

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