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Our daughter was on Similac regular iron when she was born and then for about a week after. The doctor kept switching her formulas (Enfamil regular, then Enfamil Gentlease, Good Start soy to name a few) because our DD was very constipated. My wife was constantly giving her suppositories and the doctor suggested juice in her formula, but my wife wasn't comfortable with that because our DD would bring the formula up so fast it would come out of her nose and she would begin choking.

The soy made DD break out in a rash, so that wasn't working, either. Then a friend of my sister-in-law's had had the same problem with her infant and they switched their baby to the regular Good Start. We did that, too, and after that our DD began having regular bm's and the jar of suppositories went into the closet!

My wife talked to a registered dietician who specializes in infant and children's diets and she said the problem with most formulas is that they are made with milk protein, whereas the Good Start regular is made with whey, which babies can digest a lot easier.

I'm all for the Good Start. It was hard to watch our DD suffer with stomach cramps and constipation, so the Good Start Supreme with DHA and ARA was a welcome switch.
hi...well, yesterday she had the most amount of poop she's ever had-8 dirty diapers...small amounts at times with mucous but still...a dirty diaper. diaper rash is really bad now-our first experience with this as well!

so, i've read that soy will help any irriatated colon to 'calm down' so we bought some last night and she drank it without realizing it was any different thankfully! even if she does have the virus the dr said she seemed to have (i have to think she may be teething but...who am i?) her intestinal tract will at least calm down which should help eliminate the mucous (sign of irritated tract)..done alot of reading last night:)

thanks for all of your input!:wave:

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