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Mkgbrook you crack me up!!! I too was a two legged cow AND grew up on a dairy farm to boot!!! My folks had such 'fun' bugging me about how much I could produce in a day...which was well over a litre.
Anyway, I agree with you and a few other posters....hold off on the solids. I have 2 sons. My first was the non latcher and was born in the 'feed them cereal /solids at 4 months' time. I tried, he cried, he spit and choked and finally I gave up. Tried again at 5 months and stopped again till he was almost 6 months. He was a horrible eater all along, still is and ate purree and soft foods till he was almost 18 months old.
Along comes ds#2 (3+ years after #1). This time I waited despite the fact that at 4.5 months he went from sleeping 10+ hours at night to waking to feed every 3-4 hours. At just before 6 month I began cereal and within a month and half he was eating 3 meals a day, starting some table foods and LOVING to eat. He eats 3X as much as his big brother and sleeps
I say hold off if you can. Nurse or bottle feed more often if possible. If you are exclussively nursing and increasing the number of times you offer it doesn't help, try giving him a bottle after of formula or EBM after you've nursed him.
I would suggest NOT putting rice cereal in a bottle unless he has reflux as this can be dangerous. My best friends sil did it and her baby started to choke and threw up the whole thing. They aren't the brightest parents and continued trying it and the baby ended up with a VERY strong gag reflex after gagging on this mixture too many times.

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