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Some people will tell you its too early, and for some babies it prolly is. But I am of the personal belief that every baby is different and some absolutely need it earlier than others.

Im starting to think this myself. My older ds, now 5, began solids when he wasnt quite four months yet. He was overdue by two weeks at birth. He had been sleeping perfectly through the night and then all of a sudden it stopped. For me the biggest sign was, he was eating so much milk and he refused to take anymore but he was still hungry or got hungry again really quickly. We sarted him on solids and he never looked back - started sleeping through the night again that very night and stopped being as hungry and didnt have any probs digesting it.

Now at the same early age, not quite 4 months, my new ds is doing the same thing. My health nurse insists that even 4 months is too early and I should wait till 6 months. I havent decided what to do yet either. I dont want to do it if hes not ready, but I really think he is.

Your baby isnt 3 months yet though which is very early. Is the baby on formula or breast milk? If formula, maybe a thicker formula would be better? Or although people willl say not to do it, I did and had no probs, put a tbls of rice cereal in the bottle just to thicken it. I did this about 3 months and worked well.

Good Luck.

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