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My dd did this for a month or so. She just started sleeping through the night around 6 months and I was so happy to sleep again. A month later she started waking, rolling over, sitting up, babbling, you name it. I was going in there and rolling her over and laying her back down only to find her right back up before I left the room. I stopped going in there and letting her see me. I would get up and peek from the doorway unless she was crying, then I would go in. This also helped her to learn to roll back the other way because she use to get very upset being stuck on her tumy. She did grow out of it and now she is waking up a 5am ready to go, sitting up, and babbling until I come to get her.

It is a phase. My advice is if you have to go in there do not talk to him or take him out of the crib. Just lay him back down and leave the room. He will realize it is still night and go back to sleep when he bored or tired again. It can be frustrating, but as long as he's not crying he will be fine. It's a good way for him to learn to pacify himself and put himself back to sleep.

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