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Re: Spots on Teeth
Apr 10, 2007
When DS's teeth first appeared, I noticed brownish discoloration on the inside bottom teeth. I was terrified his teeth were rotting even though he didn't drink much juice. I DID brush his teeth with a finger brush and baby tooth gel, but it didn't do much good. Also thought it could be from being on IV antibiotics & oral antibiotics shortly after he was born or from his vitamin drops -- they're a "lovely" dark orange color and stain his clothes.

When he was two, I took him to the dentist and the hygenist said it was a LOT of staining. She did get a lot of it off. She and the dentist also told me to brush his teeth twice a day, but NOT to use baby toothpaste -- it's worthless and to use a very teeny tiny amount of regular toothpaste. If they get too much and swallow it, they could vomit.

So we use kids toothpaste with flouride. I did notice since using it instead of baby toothpaste that a good bit of the tooth staining is gone. We also take DS to the dentist every 3 months for a cleanings, which has helped quite a bit. He's almost 4.

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