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ROtavirus is always bad to have.

I just wanted to let you know that anytime there is a throwing up or diareah you should start the brat diet (BRAT) Bananas Rice Applesauce Toast. NOT APPLE JUICE just to be clear. ONly clear liquids with the exception of coke or cola.

If kids are drinking pedalyte and throwing up only give them sips of it at at time or if an infant then give 1/2 oz at a time. DO NOT GIVE water as that will just make them for sure throw up. If you dont have pedalyte then use water with a little cola in it. Take a cup put cola in it and take a fork and stir till no more bubbles are there then add that to water and give. For yourself as well. This virus can last for 14 days some times so please even if you feel better still treat it as such. You can add some bland chicken to your diet but NOTHING with fat like milk,cheeses stuff like that.
If this is a small child still drinking formula then ask when you should return to formula. But if htey are eating fruits and stuff then just give pedalyte and give bananas and applesauce in the jar to baby for a food source.

Also the smell from the diapers will be sour it will smell like that because of the milk. Milk and fatty foods causes diareah and that smell. Same for us adults as well.

Do not forgetthat your body needs to recouperate from something like this. I also must stress this part....
If you have just had the baby within a year you really need to watch how you feel the next 2months or so. Women are more prone to THyroid conditions and sometimes they dont come out of their state of dormancy untill after a bad virus or pregnancy. So keep that in mind and if you feel weird or off please go get a test for yoru thyroid. I know it seems so not on the subject but I have thyroid disease and I always go out of remission when I have a virus.

I had this virus when my kids were ds10,ds23 months and dd5months and ds23 months and I had it and wow it was bad, trying to treat him and me being sick. I even passed out on the floor one night and dh didnt know. I woke up because i had to throwup again and he felt so bad I said how were you suppoosed to know. But man we battled this for 14 days. It was aweful, i hope you dont have it that long.

Also, bleach all doorknobs,light switches, toilet handles and seats. It sure helps. Toys and stuff that got stuff on it throw out or bleach in hot water. We were told to lysol what we could then throw in washer. clothes that got dirty we threw out. Just to make sure that wasnt in our washer.

oh good luck hope you are feeling better by now.

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