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With milk you want to try and stay to about 16 total ounces of whole milk a day. We fill the rest of the day up with water. My kids are 2 and 3 and the doc still suggests no more than 16 ozs.
Hello! First of all, there is no magical transition that happens at 1 year regarding taking milk. It is just a guideline for when they CAN take whole milk. My DS is a picky eater and my Ped said it was fine to give more than 16 oz of milk plus vitamins, or just to keep him on regular formula or toddler formula. We use half milk and half Good Start 2 and he gets from 16-24 oz per day. When he was a year it was more like 24-36 oz per day and we have GRADUALLY substituted water, watered down juice (no more than 6 oz per day) and have worked on increasing the variety of foods he will eat. There is no reason to change his routine. Let him have his bottle of formula in the morning so you and he can get your needed sleep. Work on going to whole milk and other liquids during the day while increasing his solids. When you are ready to give up the bottle let that early AM bottle be the last one that goes, just make sure to give him a little water after to clear the milk off his teeth! Anyway, just my opinion, this worked for us!
You dont want to give your child more than 240z of whole milk a day. If you get WIC they will give you a sheet saying how to do the transition. Your child will be totally off formula in a week. You start off like 2 or 3 days with just 2 oz of whole milk and 4 oz of formula......then it moves to 4 oz of whole milk and 2 oz of milk. So on and so on until by the 7th day your child will only be drinking whole milk.

Docs say that kids do not need water. Say its getting about bed time and your child is thirsty they say to give water then bc you dont want to give them milk or juice because it sets on their teeth all night and can cause decay!


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