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Re: Rash
Apr 19, 2007
yeah the irritation is aweful looking. We use a ton of vasaline on our kids. ONLY clean face with water and a soft cloth. DO NOT use baby wipes as they have alcohol and babies cant tell you ouch yet. first thing in the morning make sure face is dry and put it on there. Everytime you go to feed put it on there, everytime your done feeding wipe face gently clean and dry and immediatly put the vasaline on it. IT will help with this. Dont use desitin on it as that has zinc and that will also irriatate it as well.

Yes it could be fifth disease as well but 5th is really a rash that will come and go right where your would litterally hit someone in teh face. upper cheek to bottom then it comes and goes. But around the mouth I would have to say it's irritatoin. Make sure you check with dr. and then try the vasaline. They do grow out of it. My dd2 1/2 didnt because she has eczema but i still use it on her as well and my 9month old now.

We just had ds4 with 5th disease the poor thing had such high fevers then got pink eye real bad. But all is well now.

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