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yep classic temper tantrum to me too. She needs to be consistant and I'm sure since she is pregnant that she isnt do it. she needs time with her new baby and maybe you can offer to take her oldest. Kids act different wehn brought into a different enviroment. He might be upset that there is something going on her doesnt quite get yet. But as far as those tantrums well she needs to enforce them, untill she is ready to do it he will keep doing it. Sometimes if you walk away it helps but other kids it doesnt. She cant say oh no no no i'm so sorry please stop crying. SHe must be firm and to the point. With a new baby she needs to make sure he is never alone with the baby untill she knows he is ok. It is a stage just like anything else and if done with love and understnading he will be fine. I have 4 and well been there and done that. It does pass. My 1st wasnt like this becuase he was 8 before i had 2nd but my 2nd and 3rd are close and they are holy terrors. But it passes. my 4th is an angel but she is only 9months right now.

Wether she spanks,time outs or what ever she needs to be consistant. Even if she holds him in her lap while he is in the time out chair. Her dh HAS to enforce this as well and tell his son that he will not tolerate this it. Kids tend to listen to dads voice over moms. Control and order in the house is what a kid needs and consistance.

Again we careful what you say, a new mom and her hormones will get po'd fast and that is not what you are trying to do. Tell her that there might be a few ways to do this and she can pick one. There are different options out there. Ah my ds4 had his last tamtrum 5 days ago and I ignored himand said that when he was done that he can come see me. HE was so upset that I walked away but I asked himthe basics first, like are you hurt,hungry, have to go potty(yes I ask because he forgets to then gets upset),do you want a drink? If he is fine I say well why are you crying? Unless he is tired which i know when he is because that trantrum is inconsolable.

Is he having tantrums at times when he is tired? Is she letting himstay up past nap time then having to deal with his tantrums. I did that before I finally set a time for my kids to nap and have stuck wiht it. 1pm no later than 1:30pm everyone naps no matter what. Period! end of sentance. I have had my ds4 freak and say no no no but i put him in that bed and stay there with the both of them(the two toddlers) and they go to bed. Now if we are out i go before nap time or after it. Not when they are supposed to be napping because well then that would be my fault.

Then are getting ready gfor bed at 7:30pm, every night it is the same and they look forward to it. Days they shower, they go to bathtime then, lotion time(dd has eczema), then we get ready for bed, say night to everyone,go up in bed and read a story and then go night night the same way. If htey are bad getting ready they do not get a story. I still get oh mom i have to go potty i have to have water<(i dont do water past 7pm) oh mom this oh mom that....If they are very tired and cranky there is nothing you can do , just let htem cry tell them they are ok and that you will see them in the morning and be done with it. You can not console a tired child once they start tantrums. She needs to give him the times that he has to go. It shouldnt be a fight, she can start by when she wants him to go to nap that she lays with him. My ds4 sometimes doesnt want to nap at 1pm so he has to stay in that bed for 90 min's awake. Period. there are times he will go to nap at 2 instead but he will sleep for about 90min's sometimes they sleep longer and I say ok because they are very tired but no more than 2 hours. because at 7:30 we start bedtime. You might want to find out if its a cranky kid because he's tired or over tired. If she is letting him nap when he wants this could be the problem.

I know when I started this it was the best thing i ever did.

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