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I must say that a baby that young is deffinatly gassy due to the cereal. last poster is right. Feed untill they spit it out or up and you'll know. Burp and retry if trhey dont want it they will let you know.

Baby's so young will eat every hour on the hour or every two hours or 1 1/2 depending on the baby. They might not want it right then but in half hour they might. It is supply and demand. Is shoudl go out of their systems fast and their stools should be loose not stiff.

I have a dd who is almost 3 who looks like she is 4 and in 4T clothes and in the 97th % tile. My other dd is only in the 25th and she's 9months. My boys were 25th and 50th so yep every child is different but for sure at such a young age they only need milk and dont forget that they go through growth spurts at about 3,6,9,11,14 weeks. It depends but about those ages they do and then continue at all different stages you'll know when they scream for more food.

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