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Sorry it took so long to reply. I have not been online, baby been sick.

I use a scrub sponge just for veggies.

I don't have a microwave (paranoid about radiation) so I put some cubes in a bowl and set in in a small pot of boiling water. I just fill the pot enough for the bowl to sit in it. I boil the water then let the food sit in it for 10 minutes until soft with the water turned off. MIcrowaving is prob. easier. At my sons daycare they have a mini crock pot that keeps hot water all day and they heat up everything in that. I buy plastic tupperware type containers of different sizes to transport the food and also a feeding bowls. The glad disposable ones work fine and i never dispose of them!

As for combinations, I started him out with one fruit or veggie at a time and I do mix with cereal depending on the meal. I always do oatmeal and fruit for breakfast since the formula mixed in gives protein, the cereal gives iron and folic acid. But Now that he is introduced to so many foods i mix up broccoli and sweet potatos, or butternut squash and zucchini. I started pureeing chicken and I pureed it with apples for one batch and butternut squash for another. Then I take a chicken cube and mix it with different veggies. For snack I give him plain fruit or plain veg or mix fruit with rice or mix with organic plain whole milk yogurt. So far he loves everything ! It has raised my self esteem and confidence as a cook! Certain things I buy, such as peas since they are hard to make. Also apricots, plum and things out of season.

Feel free to ask more questions. It has been very rewarding and i feel good to be doing this for my babies first food start in life. I had to quit breastfeeding early on and felt terrible about it so now feel I am making up for that. If you read the baby food jars, you have towonder what is in it. thickening agents, fruit juice conecentrates (sugar) and what is that meat anyway?

good luck

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