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Wow, the things i tried with our son. He is now two and he was the worst sleeper ever. He woke every two hours until he was 4 months old. I learned it was all me! Our Dr gave me a few hints and it worked great. He said babies react to us and that we have to set the tone and routine for them. I am assuming you are doing a nightly routine every night. It has to be exactly the same for a few weeks so he starts to expect it. Screaming and all, do the same thing every night. So my husband and I were zombies willing to try anything. We started at 6 pm with no TV or lights on, just natural light and noises. We talked quieter and set a very peaceful, calming evening. The Dr said to make it drastically different from daytime. He said it needs to be dark or light, no gray because we were wanting to train the brain naturally. Daytime was very bright, radio/TV on, windows open, vacumm going during naptime, just really drastically different. when we went to his room to lay down, I too put him in his crib awake so he would fall asleep on his own. It was pitch dark, no light what so ever. There were about three nights of 'crying it out' but once he realized he did not have a choice, he learned to soothe himself and started falling asleep on his own. It took about two weeks, and a miracle happened, he slept through the night at 4 months. I found that the earlier i moved his bed time up, it was 9 pm and every night i moved it up 15 minutes unitl it was at 7:30. Now at two he goes to bed at 8 and wakes at 7.

Funny how things change, last night i wanted to rock him to sleep and he wanted nothing to do with it, He wanted in his crib iwth his cars to fall asleep!

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