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Since your Dr. isn't diagnosing anything yet (and maybe he/she knows best about the reflux thing at such a young age) I can give you some tips to deal with the reflux. My little girl had it and ended up on baby zantac, but we first tried these:
Feed more upright, not lying down
Burp a lot, but lightly too so he/she doesn't lose all the milk
Sleep propped up a bit to keep milk down
If possible, feed smaller amounts and more often. (this really helped when I tried it)
After a feeding, keep him/her upright for 20-30 minutes to let the milk settle (this really helped too)
If these tips don't help, talk to your Dr. again, but I'd try them for a few weeks.
Then, your Dr. may suggest thickening a bottle of formula or breastmilk (ONLY if your baby is taking a bottle though). Mine told me not to do this since I'm mostly breastfeeding.
A last resort is really medication... who wants to give their little neonate some meds.... it's sooo hard.
However, if you're baby chokes a lot or seems in a lot of pain... talk to the Dr.

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