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MY son is 8 months and is 19 pounds. Well my suggestion is to feed him a lot during the day so he gets most of his calories then. My friends baby is like yours, big boy, by 8 months he was eating table foods! Mine is nowhere near table foods he only eats pureed food still. Are you doing solids yet? SKip right over rice cereal and start with sweet potatos or butternut squash. If he eats it right up you know he is ready for food. Feed him as much as he wants during the day and he should start sleeping better at night. I feed my baby every 2 hours all day long and he sleeps 10-12 hours straight at night. He eats 4 meals a day of solids and at least 20-24 oz of formula a day. I mix at least 2 of his meals with cereal/formula to keep up protein and iron. Good luck!

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