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[I]As far as the baby sleeping, you should try to get him/her to sleep during the day. Does baby need a pacifier? Dont let baby suck its thumb you will never be able to get rid of it. (we are going through that with our 2nd child who is 4 yrs old). [/I]

My two youngest were thumb suckers and I loved it. No pacifier to plug back in in the middle of the night. Thumb suckers are usually great sleepers because they can pacify themselves and fall asleep themselves much easier. My four year old stopped in a week. She sucked her thumb a lot and it took a week to stop. Her mouth returned to it's correct shape and you would never know she sucked her thumb for all that time. My one year old does it now, and I'm totally fine with it. Personally, I love it and perfer it much more than a pacifier.

I had mentioned before that I let my 3ish month old cry for a bit. I wouldn't necessarily call it CIO, in that I didn't allow her to cry if she woke in the middle of the night...not at that age. I agree that at that age, hunger is expected, but I don't agree with hunger in the middle of the night for a 9-12 month old. At that point I believe it's a habit more than an actual need for nurishment.

Anyway, I just needed her to fall asleep on her own because she was expecting me to hold her. She had been nursed, changed and fast asleep on my shoulder, so I knew the only issue was being put down. Co-sleeping is not an option for me. I am not comfortable with it. I several people who have done it, but I just know I could not sleep with a child in my bed. Till this day, when my four year old comes over for a dream or whatever, I will get up and take her back to her room. I'd rather lie in her bed to comfort her for a while, then return to my own bed. I also let her know I'm leaving so she doesn't wake up and become upset that I'm not there anymore. Again, it's the falling alseep on their own.

So I don't see a problem with putting her down drowsy and letting her cry a bit and see if she can fall asleep. I wouldn't put her on her belly at night though. Do it during the day when you can watch her. She actually might sleep better at night if you can make her nap better during the day. She might be overly restless at night.

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