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My son would not nap during the day unless he was on his belly. He was fine at night on his back; I suppose because he went into a deeper sleep. But during the day I put him on his belly on a blanket on the living room floor. That way I could watch him if he "face-planted" himself. When he was about 4 months old, I put him his crib on his belly and checked on him. Obviously, in time, I didn't need to check on him anymore. He's been a great napper and I don't think he would still be had I not established good napping when he was younger.

My first daughter was a cat-napper...20 minutes here and there all day. I was a freak about the belly thing, so I just dealt the little naps. But with my son I decided to do what it took to get the nap. Luckily, it worked!
Since he likes the cuddly feeling of your arms, what about swaddling him or putting a boppy or something to cuddle him for you? I know stuffed toys and such are a no-no, but something light, breathable that you can wrap him in like you arms so he stays asleep. My best friend's little girl has done this since birth and she is 8 months old now. She hasn't figured out how to get her down either. Other than to push her around in her stroller, that works, but she will still wake after 10 minutes or so. Does he possibly have an upset tummy? I was thinking that may have something to do with it, gas or something not agreeing with him. If you are nursing it could be what you are eating, or if he is formula fed, it could be that he needs soy. Good luck and I pray that you figure it out. :)

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