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Whiskers- OMG! My baby is three weeks old and has been doing the exact same thing for about 4 days now. I finally figured out what the problem is. Infants go through a growth spurt at 3 weeks and this causes fussines during, and after feeds. I had a friend read me a paper she got from her lactation specialist about growth spurts and it described my daughter perfectly. It describes the need for more frequent feeds, pulling away from the breast or bottle and crying, crying when food is taken away, and appearing "frantic" while eating. They suggest that you feed more frequently and ride it out. It typically lasts between 3-7 days.

I was so worried I took her to her pediatrician and fed her in front of the doc. The doc said that she had Reflux, and I have been worrying myself sick!:dizzy: Now I know what the problem is, and that there is an end in sight. The growth spurts typically happen at 2-3 weeks, 4-6 weeks, 3 months and 6 months.

Take a deep breath, nothing is wrong with your little man, he is just growing!

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