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Hi there,

my daughter doesn't really like bananas that much and I think it's a texture thing. It's one of the few things that I buy already made, it's a little different than if I just mush it up and she eats that better, but only when mixed. I tried mixing it with other fruits and it works but only when the other fruit overpowers the banana. I don't mind it too much that she doesn't eat it, because she's got stool issues... :dizzy:
As far as green veggies, I just mix it with what I know she likes, such as sweet potatoes and pear, or just plain oatmeal with formula. She loves the peas because they're kind of sweet. When you make it yourself, just make sure you puree it really well and possibly strain it, because of the tough skin. Applesauce, when I make it myself, always kind of seems to give her a rash around the mouth and also on her tushy, I keep trying every so often though, just so that she will get used to the taste.
You can also try to add some seasoning to your son's food. But most of all, just keep offering because if you stop you might end up with a picky eater later...


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