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I am not a fan of Babywise, especially since the author advocates some things with which I strongly disagree such as CIO for a newborn, setting a schedule for a newborn and slapping a nine month old who is playing with his food. He also tends to make (in my opinion) a parent feel like a failure if his plan is not working for your baby or even if you are not using his plan at all. I just find it hard to trust the advice of anyone who advocates such things. Six hours of sleep at this age is great though! The program may be working for you, or actually it could be that you just have a baby who is naturally falling into a routine on his own. Our oldest was born before anyone ever heard of BW and was eating every three hours around the clock, with sleeping in between, from birth. He was sleeping through the night by the time he was seven weeks old. If it is working and you are being flexible with it, continue. Just be sure to not let the author ever make you feel like a failure as a parent if part of all of it at anytime is not working for your baby.
I really don't have any advice for you with the wanting to remain awake for an hour in the middle of the night other than to just continue to keep that feeding time as boring, dark and quiet as possible and during the day to keep lighting and noise levels, even when he is sleeping, normal so that he gets the idea of the difference between night and day. That is a common concern with four week olds.


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