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I definately agree with the part about burning the book. I know it is just my opinion and even though you can pick and choose what you do and don't do, I wouldn't trust anything suggested by an author (who is not a doctor by the way) who advocates CIO for a newborn, a strict schedule and slapping a nine month old's hands because he is playing with his food (Book II). Do what works for your baby. Six weeks is way too early to worry about a schedule. Let your baby sleep when she is sleepy and feed her when she is hungry. Most babies do not sleep well flat on their backs. If she'll sleep better in her swing, so be it. You can also let her sleep in her carseat or bouncyseat or you can put her on her tummy if you are comfortable with it. Co-sleeping is another good option if you and DH both are comfortable with the idea. Don't worry about rocking her to sleep either. As a matter of fact, unless it starts interfering with nighttime sleep, do it all you can. One day all too soon she won't want to be rocked and believe me, you will miss it.


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