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Just wanted to give you some other info.

It is hard to know if it is the same color, but my daughter started pooping greenish gray (I called it army green), and was constipated. When she would go, it was a bit runny and she went A LOT!

I kept asking everyone if this was normal, and they all said yes. Well, I went to the pediatrician with Aubrey Ann, and she had a BM while we were there. The doc said that the color was "a bit off", but she was more concerned with how runny it was. She said it was borderline diahrea and she said it was due to a formula intolerance. (She had already been switched to soy formula). So she said to switch to Hypoallergenic formula. Now Aubrey Ann's poops are a dark green, and a lot less runny.

Just a warning that it might not be normal. I know it sounds gross, but you could save a diaper with a BM in it and show your pediatrician.

Hope that helps!

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