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I would suggest following the Babywhisperer program. It may take several nights, but I would recommend that when you lay down your son at night (drowsy), if he starts to fuss, you give him a pat him on the back and make a "Shhhhhh" sound near his ear. It may take a few minutes to calm him down, but just keep doing it. If he absolutely will not calm down, then you can pick him up, and calm him, and do it again. Keep doing this until he finally falls asleep. Each night (hopefully) the length of time he cries will shorten, and you will be able to stop patting and "Shhhhing" him earlier, until you are able to stop when he is just drowsy. Make sure if you pick him up (to console him) that you put him right back down as soon as he

I don't know about your son, but I am convinced that my DD would not CIO, she just gets too worked up. I recently started her on this program (3 days ago) after trying to do babywise, and she (just today) started going to bed on her own, drowsy and falling asleep without a fuss. It is amazing the changes I have seen in her!

Also, another thing that the Babywhisperer program tells you to do (at all naps and at bedtime) is to feed your baby, then have awake time. As soon as your baby has his first yawn you take him to his room and start winding him down to sleep. Basically, the premise is that all children have a "window" where they are capable of falling asleep on their own. If you miss that "window" then they are overtired and will need your help to fall asleep.

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