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Wow! Two hours in the car is nothing! Get a portable DVD player and throw in a movie for your older child and as long as you've fed and diapered the little one, he should sleep the whole way. Every couple of months, I take my two children on an 8-9 hour drive to visit my family for a few weeks, and then drive 8-9 hours back home, and we only stop twice - once for lunch, and once for gas and potty/diaper breaks. Once in awhile, we do have a poopy diaper break, but then my 3 year old doesn't even get out of the car, I just change the 19 month old and we go. And I do this without my husband because he can't leave work that often. Two hours is easy!

Hotels are pretty simple too. We take yearly trips to visit my husband's family (which is TWO 9 hour days in the car!), and when my kids were right around the same age as yours, we got a hotel room with two double beds and let the almost two year old have one bed, and husband and I took the other, and the baby slept in the packnplay in the corner of the room and did just fine. At five months old, baby is big enough to sleep in the packnplay and not have problems. If you're worried about it, start him sleeping in it now to get used to it. One thing that helped our baby was to bring along the things she normally has in her crib. We brought her seven million binkies, and her two bears, and her favorite blankets and such.

Another thing that was a lifesaver for that trip, was a babycarrier - not the carseat carrier, but the carrier you wear in front and carry your baby close to you? Stupid me, I can't remember the technical term! Anyway, it worked wonders for my cranky baby! Don't sweat, your kids might surprise you!

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