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I suppose this would come under the subheading of weaning. My 6 month old baby is breast fed and he flat out refuses to take a bottle. Even if he is starving hungry, he refuses. Some times we've given him one when hes had a feed to play with so he gets the hang of it. We've tried different formulas, and expressed breast milk but he just doesnt like the bottle. Its not necissary to wean him in fact Im happy still breastfeeding him, but Im thinking of doing some part time work in the next few months or even to leave the house for and extended period of time. Any tips on how I can get him to take a bottle? He seems to dislike the taste of formula as he screws his face up and looks at the bottle with contempt as soon as it hits his tongue hehe. But hes not keen on taking breast milk from it either and im reluctant to buy an expensive pump till i know he will drink ebm. It also doesnt seem to matter whos giving it to him. Myself, dh or grandparents.

Thanks for any advice

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