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I know this might not seem the normal but I train dogs. I have two german shepherds that are of west german decent (not americans). We have trained them during there socialization period to not care for thunder. One thing I tell people is that the Alpha which is you should show no fear and just act as normal as possible like it is the most unimportant thing in the world. Dogs sence that and realize that it is nothing just a bunch of noise. I have thunderstorm parties. Yes I know ODD but it has worked with all 4 of my kids and 2 dogs.

Since my dogs were trained and my oldest son is much older than my 2nd(8 yrs) I had to go through this with my 2nd child and my 3rd as well. My 2nd and 3rd are 18months apart so they follow eachother all the time. THey sleep in the same room as well. Now if I know a storm is coming I try to get them to sleep before it starts but when ds4 was almost 2 we had a huge storm and I took out stuff for a party. Since the dogs were alreayd trained to not respond to the storm I had to make sure I didnt get upset with the little one so they were no confused. I told ds2 that it was no biggie and we got out the light sticks and I took him to the window to watch the lightning and hear the thunder. When thunder comes we yell BIG BOOMS (we still do this) and we say wow that was nice. when really hard ones come we say that that one was better then the first one. I did this with my 3rd child as well and now they are ds4 and dd almost 3 and they love storms.

When there is a storm at night I stay up with them for it. I do not try to force them to go back to bed or lay with them saying it will be alright or over soon. I want them to experience the joy of a storm so their little hearts dont race over the excitement in fear but in joy!

When my kids here the storms in the distance all 3 get together and get ready for it. If they are not already sleeping then we stay up. If they wake up from storm we stay up until it lets up. We even count the big booms and how long it takes till the next one comes. My kids love the lightening and the sky lighting up from it. But they really like the glow sticks, you can get them (only get the big ones, never small) at the party places. My kids now the rule, after the storm and we stop using the sticks they go in the garbage. They are not to be used by them alone at any time.

I sure hope this helps all of you. I know it seems weird that I did this but I love storms, they refresh me and I needed to show my kids the joy of it so they didnt cry. Good luck to all of you.

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