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I have a 6 month old baby boy who still wakes many times a night. At least 2-6 depending on the night. Hes breastfeeding, and is always hungry for milk when he wakes. Ive tried to just sooth him back to sleep without feeding him but he just screams till i feed him and then he guzzles it and goes back to sleep happily. Its not something that has just started, ie he wasnt sleeping then recently started waking as babies tend to do around teethin times, but rather he has always done this. Its not a big problem but my first ds started sleeping through when he was 3-4 months old, so Im just wondering what might be causing new ds to keep waking? He doesnt seem to be in pain, so I dont think its teething, but I could be wrong i guess. Any ideas why he might not be sleeping through, and how I can get him to do it?


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