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I appreciate anyone that takes the time to read this and offer help. I am a second time mother with a nine month old that has been an upset baby since he was born-the first 3 1/2 month he never was happy and cried except for when he slept. Since that time he will only be content for very short periods of time around 15 minutes. He begins to get upset and more he cries the more upset he becomes. He does have reflux, but we seem to have it under control now and of course it is teething time. What is so confusing to my entire family is that if he is riding in the car, or at the child care at the gym or in the store...he is very happy and rarely cries. Most of the time when we pick him up he will stop, but not always. It has become so very frustrating. With advise from my mom, I have kissed him and layed him down in his bed. If he is tired many times he will go to sleep but if not then the screaming is on. This will go on for indefinite periods of time, and not necessarily stop when he gets picked up. When I have mentioned it to his physician they say, "some babies are fussier than others" I feel this is more than a fussy baby and don't know where to turn. The rare times he is happy he is adorable. I keep thinking it will get better, but so far it has not. I just don't think he physically is feeling bad but I would hate to think something is physically wrong that we are not aware of. ANY HELP OR SUGGESTIONS WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!!!

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