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My 17 mo has eczema and it has been under control until this past week. The only thing I can think of is that we put sunblock on her. Could this be making it flare up again?
Thanks in advance.
It could be. My step-daughter has this and when she was small it was really bad. Anything on her skin except certain lotions would make it a lot worse. Do you use or have you looked into sensitive skin types of sun screen?
SOrry that your baby has eczema. My dd3 does as well as i do and she had it from infancy. My nephew is severe as well.

Remember that eczema is a condition that gets worse with irritants. Its not the irritants that are causing the eczema. Many people have this belief that detergent or soap cause it but it only flares it up. Very bad mistake to think and I of course was one before I was told finally by an allergist.

I would have to say that I found a competant allergy dr. who said to stop ALL clothes being washing in anything but free detergents. So dd would have to get her stuff washed in ONLY ALL free or TIDE free or Arm and Hammer Free detergent. It was best that we changed the entire family and wow what a huge difference. We no longer use ANY softner sheets or liquid at all, i dont even have it in the home anymore. We dont care about the static, we care more for the reactions that it causes when we did use it.

We also no longer wash with anything but DOVE soap. Nothing more ever. Yep dh does too. All my kids do as well. We stopped bathing her with baby stuff because it was such an irritant.

SHe was prescribed Elecon , YES i said ELECON

NOT ELEDEL. that eledel is horrible and the Elecon really helps it is the stuff that was used back 12 years ago for my first child and they stopped using it because of eledel but elecon is so much better.

Also when she was at her worst the dr. said that she had to be wet down in the tub 3 times a day and then pat dry and then vasaline her up. I would use tshirts on her only and a diaper. Yes it got greasy but i didnt care it worked. I still do it for her but once a day after her bath or every other day when she baths. the moisture really really helps. DO NOT use anything but vasaline as it the locking in the moisture you want NOT trying to lotion her up with perfumes and stuff.

The sun block i am sure did it because it does it to me and my dd. Think of your 18month old as having skin reactions to everything. If you keep in mind that your 18month old has contact dermititis and there should be nothing that touches the skin you should do well. I had to train myself for that with her as well as myself. I would put my hands in straight bleach then complain that my eczema was bad. DUH

I would put baby lotion on my dd and she would scream saying it hurt and I had to remember that she cant have anything touching her.

Also note that children with eczema sweat a lot and tend to not like the heat and like to be without clothes. Tshirt and diaper is fine or cotton tshirt and cotton shorts. Buy one size bigger when buying cotton as it shrinks when you use hot water on it. Having eczema is a lifestyle change, it might take years for baby to get over it or never get over it.

Stress also causes anyone to say they are itchy. My dd cries and automactically says "i itchy mama" it is normal for the skin to do this. water is fine over it and make sure the nails and hands are clean most of the time.

If a 2ndary infection comes make sure dr. gives something for it like Bactroban to help with it and keep up the regimen of keeping moisture in.

Good luck.

The best sun block is shade with someone with eczema. There are some things that are used for sensitive skin but unless you have had eczema you will never know that burning feelling when anything touches your skin. It is so painful. I at least knew how it was when dd said it hurt. DH had no clue. He thought she was fibbing but i corrected him on that one and toldhim that this is very painful at times and a huge lifestyle change for her. She is a very happy girl and yes she still does flare up but always know what touches her and even those handy wipes be careful of. WETONES makes a new one for sensitive skin. It is great for when you are out and about and there is no just plain water.

Also baby wipes are a no no. Never ever put a baby wipe that has witch hazel or alcohol on your child anywhere. Not but or face ....VERY painfull as well and will cause a reaction. Look for ones that do not contain that it in Cheaper brands tend to be better with not putting that stuff in it. But please read labels carefully. Water only on face and maybe a little vasaline if baby tends to be sensitive with food around face.

Winter is worse for all of us who suffer as well so make sure you keep with the vasaline.

hugs to you and baby
Yes, it absolutely can. My good friend just took her 15 month old to the doctor because her daughter had a bad reaction to sun lotion. She has eczema as well. I believe she is using Blue Lizard sun lotion on her DD.
Hi there,

Sorry to hear about the reaction your daughter had. Im sure it is no fun at all for her. She could also be having an allergic reaction to they type of sunscreen you gave her. I heard that alot of kids have problems with the coppertone kids/baby lotion. It is the pink bottle with the baby on it and I think a dog is pulling on it's bathing suit bottoms. I would maybe give her some benadryl and see if that helps clear up the reaction. Alot of times allergic cutaneous reactions can mimic eczema so this may help clear the rash. If this helps i would then switch to a different brand of sunscreen. Hope that helps! Good luck! I hope she is feeling better soon!

Yes.. if the child has a contact allergy to a component.. I have an allergy to propylene glycol and it is in almost all lotions. You should look into skin testing for contact allergens. Dermatologists and allergist both do this.. though allergist cover more allergens in there test.

I have Exzyma and Rosecea. I know how painful flare ups can be.
gemmalou please remember that with that age you can use dove on baby and use it only. also do not use any DREFT or ANY BABY detergent. They are very harsh NOT sensitive at all.

Gemma are you sure the bubbles arent craddle cap? I know that is eczema too but cap can take up to 8 months to go away gently.

Also the redness is very common on the cheeks, it can be from any irritation from breast/formula to just plain water. It happens all the time. VAsaline or the thicker stuff is best BEFORE you give milk/formula . IT will eventually go away as well.

MY dd3 has red stork bites on the back of her head. THey will never go away, you can see then when she is cranky and when she cries her face in certain places gets red as well, like her eyes. Looks like she has red eyeshadow on .

good luck to both
Thank you all for your replies. You are so very helpful!!!!!!! We have been very lucky. She has only had one patch on the back of her thigh the size of a quarter and a small spot on the top of her foot the past year. It hasn't been until this weekend that it has spread. I was silly to think that a baby sunblock would be sensitive enough. She now has it on her arms and legs....basically where I put the sunblock. We have used it in the past so I thought it was safe.
I have heard of the Blue Lizard and will be sure to do a test spot this time.
She is doing a lot better. A lot better than me......isn't it a awful feeling when you try to protect your child from something and you end up causing them pain?:rolleyes: You would think by the third I would have everything thought out???????Thanks again!!!!!!!!
Yeah definitley. My DS has mild to severe eczema all over his body. Anything with a fragrance cause him to flare up. Vaseline is supposed to work great but for some reason it causes my DS's to flare up. I use oatmeal products and they work great. Aveeno soothing bath and aveeno wash. I use Eucerion Calming lotion on his entire body. I also put a lightweight lotion on at every diaper change thorugh out the day. If I don't he flares up badly. I REALLY hope he outgrows this..... Does anyone elses LO have asthma as well?? My DS was diagnoised a few weeks ago.

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