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Hello. My DD just turned 1 last week. She has been a great baby. She slept through the night from 3 months old. She has been easy in every transition. I feared moving her into her own room, she did fine. I worried about moving her into the big bath tub, she did fine. She did fine moving from bottle to sippy cup after all 3 meals during the day, she never fussed at all. She has still however taken a bottle every night and I fear taking that away, not sure she will be "ok" with that. We have had a consistent routine starting with bath, brushing teeth, video, book, and bottle then bed. we have always been conscious of keeping her on a routine and she has done well. Anyway, we had her 1 year check up today and the doctor told me we should get her off the bottle as soon as possible. she has 12 teeth already and she said giving her a bottle last at night and putting her to bed without brushing her teeth could hurt her teeth, with all the sugar sitting on them all night. I agree and want to stop the bottle but I feel very emotional about this as does my DH. We both enjoy rocking her and giving her the bottle at night, it's the only time she slows down to cuddle and we all just love that time. My question is can anyone give me advice on what worked for you. Should I still give the bottle but maybe let her have it while she watches her video and not let it be last before bed or should we move to a sippy cup? She is still on formula and the doctor said to start her on whole milk. DD has been so happy with her routine I hate to shake things up, especially taking the bottle away and changing to milk. don't know why I'm so emotional, may be because this is saying good bye to "baby" and that she is really growing up. I appreciate anyone's help. Thanks.
What we did with ours is slowly adding water to the milk everynight until we were just giving them water in their bottle. She's still a baby. The bottle is her comfort, not the milk. We eventually transition to a sippy cup of water. I think we did that until 2+ They seemed more ready at that time and more understanding. The bottles started missing from the cabinet until..... one left and it was dirty in the dishwasher. Oh the lies you need to tell to have them grow up!!!!!!.:angel: Hope this might be a good way for you. Good luck.
I was going to say the same thing as mee said... slowly switch to water. It still provides the comfort and the routine without the fear of ruining her teeth.

I know that I'll be going through this in a few months as my 7 month old really enjoys her ounce or two (while propped on her pillow in the crib) of formula before she goes to bed at night. sigh. But I'm making the plan now...
Slowly switching by adding more and more water does work and yes, this is a very emotional issue. However, and I know your doctor gave different advice, but I honestly wouldn't worry about being in such a hurry. Many doctors say that babies should be off the bottle by a year, but just as many say its fine to continue until they are 18 months or even two years old. Dr. T. Barry Brazelton is one of the well known ones who advocates a longer time nursing or on the bottle. Our own children, who are now 20, 17 and 7 were on the bottle until they were 24 months, 20 months and 2 1/2, respectively and not one of them has ever had a problem with his or her teeth. As a matter of fact, our 20 year old is the only one who ever had a cavity and he has had two in his life, with his first one occuring at the age of 14. We were diligent about cleaning their teeth everyday, but of course it never got done right after the bedtime bottle. Still, we had no problems.

If you love your routine there is no reason to stop. Have her drink a little water after her bottle to clear the milk out of her mouth. IMHO babies are made to "grow up" too fast. Many cultures continue the bottle/breast much longer than us with no permanant ill effects. Enjoy your baby.

My ped also gave me the bottle speech. I just smiled and nodded! My DS is 20 mos and he gets one bottle at night, with lots of cuddles and stories. At this point he even lets me brush his teeth after and he goes happily into the crib. He is starting to loose interest in the bottle and I will probably move to the straw cup he uses the rest of the day by the time he is 2, or maybe we will have cuddles and stories without milk. We'll see!

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