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Hi There,

I am a kindergarten teacher too! Where did you teach? Will you eventually go back?

I went back and looked in all three of my kids' baby books and found their schedules for when they were about two months old. They went like this (keep in mind that all were tummy sleepers and I know now that a lot of babies aren't, but that position makes a big difference in the amount of time they sleep):

Baby #1 - Slept three hours during the day, ate, slept three hours, ate, and the routine goes on. That continued until the age of four months. He was sleeping through at six weeks (six hours) and was very predicatable. He would have a two hour wakeful period after his bath, but that was the only real wake time beside eating that he had. He did this on his own.

Baby #2 - Slept from midnight to 6, ate, napped about two hours later after a little bit more food for three hours and did the same thing in the afternoon. He would sleep for about two more hours in the later afternoon. So, he had two three hour naps and one two hour nap in the early evening. He was awake by 6 and fussing off and on from then until 11 or 12, then he would sleep till 6 again.

Baby #3 - Woke every three to four hours very pedictably to eat and went right back to sleep. However she was a 33 weeker, so her four month schedule may be more accurate. At that point she was sleeping each night from about 9 PM to 6 AM, then napping every morning and afternoon for two to three hours and every evening for one to two hours. The times were not always the same though, so it was not real predicatable. However we at this point also had a 9 and 12 year old who played Little League two seasons a year, were in Youth Group and one who was in middle school band. She was all over the place.

For our first baby I was very concerned about schedules and fortunately he just was born predicatable. At 20 years old he still is the quiet, compliant, predicatable person who loves to sleep, LOL! However when you have another child or two, for whatever reason, it is easier to adjust.


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