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The only real concern about the car seat is that it tends to put baby in a position where he's kind of slumped over, especially when sleeping. This causes his diaphram to not have enough room to get full breaths. To combat this I would try to tilt the car seat back a little more than it normally is if you're going to put baby in there. Of course, I'm sure you strap baby in, since a wiggler could manage to wiggle out and over the edge...

One of things I did to make my DD more comfortable when lying on her back was to buy a small pillow (available at the major toy retailer) in a semi-circle shape. They come in designs of different animals -- she has the duck and rabbit ones (one for the crib, one for the playpen). What nice about it is that she doesn't lie ON the pillow but rather she snuggles up INTO it. It lies just above her head on the bed. She then puts her little hands on each end of the pillow and has something to hold onto. It makes her feel very secure. She still sleeps this way at 7 mos. I learned this from my girlfriend who's 14 year old son did this when he was a baby. Now that she's rolling around and crawling she does sleep on her side some... but she never sleeps on her tummy.

Oh, and the reason your baby is waking up every 30-45 minutes is because infants' sleep cycles are only that long. Adults have a sleep cycle of about 90 minutes. So every 30-45 minutes your baby goes from a light sleep to a deep sleep and back to a light sleep... and that's when a lot of infants wake up. The key is getting them to calm themselves and fall back to sleep on their own -- and that's a learned behavior.

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