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i have a question for you, Juniorsmommy... are you nursing your baby? i ask because my little one was an absolute pill from day one, and after four months of her just being an angry miserable child - she was fussy, clingy, cried all the time, she never seemed comfortable, not even when sleeping, startled easily, screamed bloody murder at loud noises, just miserable! i read some of your other posts and your baby sounds very much like mine did at that age. her doctor said it was colic at first, then she just said she was gassy, then she said it was reflux... we got a lot of different opinions, and nothing that really fit!

i was at my wits end and was ready to sell my child! THEN, i started reading about breast milk and how some mothers just way overproduce milk - i was one of those! (very simplified version now...) since mommy is overproducing, the baby is only getting full on the sugary foremilk and not the fatty hindmilk. this leads to some sort of build up in baby's digestive tract and causes baby to be miserable, cranky, and NO FUN! the longer baby nurses, the more buildup happens, the more miserable and cranky baby gets. really not sure if this is "scientifically" proven, or just theory, but i learned about this theory when baby was 3 months and agonized over it for a month, before i finally quit nursing her and put her on formula and saw a change in her almost instantly! within a week, she was happier, and within two weeks, she was smiling regularly! of course, teething got heavier shortly after that, and she was angry all over again, but nothing compared to before!

and this could apply even if you aren't nursing. my niece was formula fed from day one, and was pretty miserable on different formulas. i think they tried 4-5 different ones before they found one she could tolerate. not talking about switching to soy formula, or colic formula, or whatever else they have out there (we tried that, and she threw up the entire bottle!). just BRANDS (enfamil, similac, parent's choice, etc...). sometimes an ingredient (active or inactive) can disagree with baby's system and cause misery! and i recommend playtex nursers for feedings! WAY easy and works well for keeping gas down!

anyway, don't know if this was helpful or not, i just understand how you feel and wanted you to know you're not alone! :)

PS - shoot! got sidetracked and forgot to answer the actual question! (the above all relates though, cause if baby is miserable and uncomfortable, baby won't go to bed!). she did start sleeping better after she switched to formula too!

we let my oldest cry it out at 3 months. it was so hard to decide to do it, but SO worth it! it's definitely the quickest way to solve that problem. she didn't cry very long either, that first night, and didn't give us problems much after that. she mostly had issues when she was teething, and by then, she was 6 mos, and old enough for motrin, which helped a lot! the other post here, with the going in after five minutes and then lengthening it each time, is also a really great method, and is what we used (and still use sometimes) with the younger one after we'd figured out the nursing/bottle thing!

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