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My daughter was three months when she suddenly developed was so was in her creases of the elbows, behind the knees, ears, neck, ankles and on top of her head....she also had bad cradle cap which made her eczema worse...she was CONSTANTLY scratching to the point where sometimes it would bleed.....after several visits to the pediatrican I found that soy milk didn't help and neither did the hypoallergenic formula that he put us on....but what did help was:daily baths of luke warm water(mixed with a cup or two of ground oatmeal) and a soap that I got from a store here in Alberta, Canada called the "Rocky Mountain Soap Shop"....they have all sorts of special non medicated and scented soaps and creams, lotions etc.especially for people and babies with sensative skin and eczema...this stuff worked very well....after a bath I would apply the lotion immediately to her entire body and sometimes if it was bad I would put some cortizone cream....doing this daily made a huge difference....also, try not to dress the baby in anything but cotton clothing and use a hypoallergenic/baby sensative laundry daughter is 13 months now and still gets the occasional break of eczema...I still do the lotion thing with her and try keep her moisturized as much as possible....they say that sometimes it is hereditary and they could have it for up to two years....good luck!!

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