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hiya, my little boy is almost 14 weeks old and since he was born he has always had trouble with his skin, but for the past 2+months his eczema has got really bad, especially over the past couple of weeks. my dr's and health visitors are useless, they just keep telling me to put hydrous ointment on him, which is like vaseline but better, but it just keeps getting worse, he has huge patches over both his elbows, his chest and his cheeks. he is constantly caked in the cream and looks like a little ball of grease all the time lol, he still has to use scratch mittens as he is always trying to scratch himself and sometimes he just gets so frustrated
the dr says to just keep using the cream but it doesnt help!

does anyone know of anything i could do to try and make it better for him?
When ds was a baby he had bad eczema (still does in the winter) and his ped. told me to put on a layer of hydrocortisone first, then a layer of Cetaphil cream if the rash was rough. Otherwise, just the Cetaphil while it was red, but smooth. It worked for him and still does. Good luck :)
Hello gemma

When my daughter was a newborn until she maybesix months to a year old, ( I am 55.. too long ago to remember every detail!) she suffered with Infantile Eczema. On the doctor's advice, I stopped bathing her daily. That seemed to have a [U]big[/U] impact on the eczema with it becoming much less severe. I had thought bathing daily was necessary.. turned out I was just making matters worse! I would wipe her daily with a washcloth wrung out after that, but not put her into a sinkful of water to really wash her down anymore. It cleared up totally eventually, but the immediate effect of stopping daily baths was remarkable.

I hope your little boy has relief soon. So tiy and can not understand why he is so miserable!

Good wishes
My 2 1/2 year old has had terrible Eczema since birth. His skin is like sandpaper from head to toe. He currently has a flare up on his upper arms, which actually bleed. The doctor can prescribe a steroid cream which helped for us. He also precribed Elidel for the flare-ups ( I have yet to try it). I use Aquaphor everyday on him. Yes he is a grease ball, but it does help. You can also try Eucerin Calming Cream. I suggest NEVER using any type of "baby product" on him. They may say moisturizing, but trust me from someone with first hand experience, they're not! Use either Dove soap or Aquaor has a baby body wash that helps prevent the "drying out". It's the ONLY baby product the dermatologist will recommend. Put his lotion on while he is still damp. It helps it absorb better since the pores are still open.

I also struggle with dry skin since birth and these are the only things that seem to work for me and my son. Good luck!
I don't know if you can see an allergist instead of your pediatrician at your son's age?

My friend has a 16 month old with bad eczema and she found out that her daughter has an egg and pet allergy. They have eliminated these things and her eczema has gotten better - esp. since taking out the eggs.

Are you bottle feeding your son with formula? Is it possible he is allergic to something in the formula?
My daughter, 6 months old, has eczema also. It's the worst on her cheeks but she has it other places at times. Her ped is no help either! SHe's just like "yup, it's eczema, put "such n such" cream on it". I was hoping for more info. Anyway, I use the aveeno baby, soothing relief moisture cream and that works well for us. I also have used 'gentle naturals' for eczema, the one with the disney character on the bottle, for my dd that one works the best. I have also noticed that bathing frequently breaks her out more...try fewer baths that also might help. Good Luck!
Yes, Yes! KeltoKel makes a VERY good point! I had forgotten completely until she jarred my memory that my daughter had to come off breast milk AND then regular baby formula and be put on a soy based product. Although it was my pediatrician who told me to do this, an allergist certainly seems sensible.

Oh, what a dummy for forgetting. I was losing my breast milk early on with my daughter and started supplementing with baby formula. And when her eczema got worse, it was to the soy formula we went. it looked and smelled awful, but she took to it fine.

I also had a brain fart and forgot to mention the whole allergy thing. My son has a milk allergy and when went on soy milk, cleared up considerably. We saw a pediatric dermatologist and it was a HUGE help.
HA! HA! We all forget so easily because we have what I like to call, "baby brains...." :dizzy:
wow yano i completely forgot it could be due to the formula! i will definately try him on a new one, what brands would you recomend?
we have a 3 yr old girl and just kinda took everything for granted, if it was ok for her it would be ok for him :rolleyes:
with the bath thing, i used to bathe him every three days but have changed it to once a week, is that still too much? we dont use any products on him (when he was 12 days old we found out he has an allergy to wet wipes after i wiped his head and he had loads of blisters all over :dizzy: )
as for being a second time mom, i feel so dumb this time round lol :dizzy:
I still have to bathe my son nightly, he looks like pig pen from Charlie Brown at the end of every day. I am just very vigilant about putting lotion and his medicated cream on every time. NEVER use bubbles in the bath either, they can be very drying. I have to get on my husband for that one, he loves to add bubbles to their bath!
My son and I have done the allergist and dermatologist thing.. we were tested for oral, environmental, and contact allergens. At 2 my son was too young for a positive result on the tests.. He will be five soon and then we can have him retested. However we kept a log and were able to identify what things trigger bad reaction by only introducing one new food or lotion or item of any sort a week. He is like a carbon copy of me minus the sea food allergy.

We have found that the Eucerin and Aquaphor are the best OTC sludges to use and were also give scripts for Elidel and Betamethasone Dipropionate (steriodal cream). We bath daily because he is all boy, but immediatly afterward I apply baby oil and then the E and A heavy creams.. then Elidel and the steriodal cream on flare up spots. The same regime is what I follow and my exzyma is worse than my sons.

Best of luck, but and allergist/dermatologist would be your best bet at a solution.

My son has mild to severe eczema on his entire body. I have found that bathing my son daily has helped his eczema. I use to bath every few days and when I started bathing him daily I noticed a huge difference! It is different for everyone though. If I don't bathe him everyday he gets so dry and he starts scratching which leads to a flare up. My routine with him is bathe him in Aveeno moisturizing bath, wash him with Dove Sensitive skin soap ( this moisturizes sooo well ), pat him down but leave him still kind of damp. Apply a thick layer of Eucerin Calming creme on his entire body ( he has it everywhere... even his ears:rolleyes: ) let it soak in, doesn't take long as his skin is very dry. Then apply another coat of creme.You have a three minute window to trap in that moisture. Then through out the day usually at every diaper change I use Aveeno baby lotion. It is a lightweight lotion that works great for us! We go through a ton of lotion in this house but I have finally found products that work well for his eczema. He hasn't had a flare up in weeks! Oatmeal products USUALLY work very well on ezcema but some may be allergic and make the condition worse. When using a new product don't expect it to work right away. It may take a week for the product to work well. It took a few weeks for me to see an improvement. Be religious about your skincare routine, it is SO important. I forgot one night to put lotion on his face and in the morning his face had flared up. Be careful when using cortosone creme, only use when flare ups are really bad. The skin can actually become to accustomed to it that they will no longer work. Plus it is a steroid... bad all around! Limit use especially on the face.

Some tips on eczema:

-Baby will have good days and bad days. His skin may look wonderful one day and then the next morning he is bright red.

-Clip baby's fingernails constantly.

-Don't let baby cry too much. Baby will release stress hormones and this will cause a flare up.

-Use all fragrance and dye free products including laundry soap, shampoo, soap, lotion, etc..

-Be careful of lotions that contain alcohol b/c this may dry baby's skin.

-Baby should wear 100% cotton clothes

-Don't wear perfumes around baby. (It is hard for my mother to remember this sometimes.)

-If baby enters a pool w/ chlorine, rinse baby off immediately.

-Be careful when dressing baby to prevent over heating.

-The month of October is the worst month for baby's w/ eczema due to the season changes.

-Keep baby on a blanket, carpet will irritate his skin. Hard to do when they are mobil.

Sorry it is so long.... I have had so much learning to do with dealing with ezcema, I hope some of it helps you.
Kellie mentioned detergent... I only use "All free and clear ". Plus don't use fabric softener or dryer sheets. Wipe out your dryer and stop using the sheets if you can part with them. I never knew they were so drying until the pediatric derm told me so.

Uou asked about formula, check with your Dr first, but I switched to soy, which helped A lot! Once he was a year, we used Soy milk.
hi everyone, thanks for all your replies, they are a great help!
ive changed him to a different milk, its not a soy formula, its just a different brand, he has been on it for two days and his eczema is clearing up well, but i dont know if thats due to the milk or to the really raining weather we are having,
he still has loads of patches but theyre not so raw at the mo.
with the washing powder i always use fairy non bio, i dont know if you get it in the us, but its great for delicate skin as it doesnt irritate at all.
also, when i went shopping yesterday, i found a cream called e45 itch relief (again i dont know if you get it in the us) which is especially for the itchiness of eczema, but when i asked the pharmasist about it she advised not to use as e45 contains lanolin which can irritate some eczema :dizzy:
also found something called infaderm, its amoisturising bath wash but its ph balanced, soap, dye and fragrance free is lanolin free and has chamomile, its an emolient based cleanser which weas recomended by a friend of mine. so we're going to try that in a min, ill let you all know how it goes :D

thanks again for all your advice :)
Years Ago When My Son Was Born He Was Born With Eczema. Very Bad -- It Oozed All The Time. Tried Everything The Baby Doctor Told Me To Do But No Improvement. When He Was Two Months Old, My Brother-in-law, Who Is A College Professor, Came To Visit. He Took One Look At My Baby And Turned To Me And Said...."you Voided Your Diet Of Oil When You Were Pregnant, Didn't You?" He Was Right As I Had Only Gained About 10 Lbs. He Told Me To Go To The Health Food Store And Buy Some Cold Pressed Apricot Kernel Oil And Put A Teaspoon Full Of Oil In Each Bottle. He Said My Baby Had Eczema Because I Had Voided My Diet Of Oil. I Thought He Was Crazy. But Because He Was A Smart Man & A College Professor I Would Give It A Try. To My Surprise In Several Weeks My Baby Was Free Of Eczema And Has Had No Problem With Eczema Since. Hope This Works For You!
My daughter was three months when she suddenly developed was so was in her creases of the elbows, behind the knees, ears, neck, ankles and on top of her head....she also had bad cradle cap which made her eczema worse...she was CONSTANTLY scratching to the point where sometimes it would bleed.....after several visits to the pediatrican I found that soy milk didn't help and neither did the hypoallergenic formula that he put us on....but what did help was:daily baths of luke warm water(mixed with a cup or two of ground oatmeal) and a soap that I got from a store here in Alberta, Canada called the "Rocky Mountain Soap Shop"....they have all sorts of special non medicated and scented soaps and creams, lotions etc.especially for people and babies with sensative skin and eczema...this stuff worked very well....after a bath I would apply the lotion immediately to her entire body and sometimes if it was bad I would put some cortizone cream....doing this daily made a huge difference....also, try not to dress the baby in anything but cotton clothing and use a hypoallergenic/baby sensative laundry daughter is 13 months now and still gets the occasional break of eczema...I still do the lotion thing with her and try keep her moisturized as much as possible....they say that sometimes it is hereditary and they could have it for up to two years....good luck!!
Are you SURE it's 100% eczema? I ask this b/c I took my son to the pediatric dermatologist at the Children's hospital of Pa and was told he only has a touch of eczema, but also has other skin ailments. You might be treating your child for what you think he/she has. My regular pediatrician told me it was eczema, and apparently he was wrong. :mad: My son is 2 1/2 and FINALLY getting the correct treatment.

One tip they did tell me was to not use a washcloth on your little one in the tub, it's irritating to the skin as well. I will check my paperwork and let you know (if your interested) in some websites the doc gave me for 100% cotton, non-irritating clothing for children. She said it's a lifesaver for children with really sensitive skin.
hey everyone, ty for your replies, after my sons stay in hosptial over the weekend the consultant on the ward he was on referred him to the dermatologist (because they say he may have rubbed his infected excema on his face then his eye causing his periorbital cellulitis) we had our appt today and saw a nurse who took some swabs to test for excema, she also prescribed a stronger steriod , some more creams and a antihistamine to help the itching, she also gave use some gauzy bandage stuff that i have to put on his chest arms and legs to help stop him scratching and to help absorb the epiderm, she has put him on the waiting list to see the actual dermatologist but i also have an appt next week so they can check his progress, hopefully my little man can now have his skin sorted out :D

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