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I say, let her suck her fingers. She is self-soothing herself...good for her. You'll find she'll sleep much better for you because she can take care of herself. My daughter found her thumb at 12 weeks old and sucked it until she was four. It was no big deal to us. Her doctor and dentist didn't think it was a big deal either and both said it wasn't a big deal until her permanent teeth came in. After discussion about it, she stopped at problems whatsoever. It was soooooo much easier than I had anticipated. She wore a band-aide for a week to remind her and that was that. I was thankful for those many, many sleepful nights because she was able to soothe herself.

My 14 month old son sucks his thumb as well. Again, doesn't bother me a bit. I'd much rather just wipe off his hands then go searching for a lost pacifier.....especially at night. I've heard of parents doing that. I have three children and am so thankful neither took to the pacifier. (We did try when they were itty-bitty and neither would take it) And this is my personal opinion...I'd much rather see a thumb in the mouth of a toddler than a pacifier. Little babies are fine, but once they are walking around, I just don't like the pacifier. Most of the time my son is too busy to suck it during the day. He can't play and suck his thumb, but I've seen many kids play, as well as many other things, and still have the pacifier hanging out of their mouth. And like my daughter, we'll worry about his thumbsucking much later.

When you stop swaddling her and she so happens to find her fingers to suck in the middle of the night and falls back to sleep on her own, what are you going to do? Stand there and pull them out to insert a pacifier or will you keep on sleeping? Sometimes you have no choice. She may just do it anyway when you're not even around.

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