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For those kids who take a pacifier -- they need to be trained to keep it in. It doesn't come naturally, apparently. Just give it a gentle tug a few times... this causes the baby to suck even harder to keep it in. This way they learn to hold it in themselves.

Also, some kids will be more awake (and alert) at the top of their sleep cycle and will notice a missing paci more than other kids. We've had nights of three or four visits for waking up without a paci, but we've also had nights where she hasn't woken up at all (wish we could predict which kind of night it was going to be in advance!! lol!) even though the paci was out. I think it just depends on how she's feeling and how deep she sleeps. I don't think you can predict how a certain kid is going to react at night to a missing paci. shrug.

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