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You said on the other thread:
"Babies are aware of how much they need to eat, so upping the calories in their bottle by adding cereal, you can cause them to overfeed and become overweight. Also, studies show that adding cereal to a bottle, does not help you baby sleep any longer than they normally would. My 2 month old has starting sleeping about 10 hours a night with no needed cereal. My first 2 children woke every 2 hours. You seem to have a good sleeper. If your baby is old enough to actually digest solids (4-6 months), they would not be getting them through the bottle."

Just need advice and about SLEEPING for infants. I have a 3 week and 5 day old baby. She is mostly breastfed and I supplement with formula only when needed. You mentioned above that you have a 2 month old that sleeps for 10 hours a night! That is amazing. Is there any routine that you can teach me to achieve this? My baby has been sleeping for 4 hours starting from either 12AM or 1AM until 4-5AM for the last 3 days. She sleeps longer when I take her for ride in the car or if we are visiting grandma or in other people's houses. So this is her schedule to eat, she awakes around 4-5am breastfeed, sleeps and wakes up either 2-3 hours throughout the day and then at night, she eats at 9PM and then again at 12AM ... I am lucky if she sleeps through the night from w/c they describe that as having 5 hours plus sleep... Can you please share your pattern of sleep with your three children? Are they all the same or different? Thank you so much. I am a new mom and feel overwhelmed by all these. :)

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