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Hi everyone. I recently posted about help in weaning my DD from her bedtime bottle and I followed the advice I found on this board and it worked great, no more bottle for the last 3 nights. thanks! but now I am encountering a new problem. We have always brushed my DD's teeth since she first got a couple at 6 months old. She always gets so excited when we ask her if she wants to brush her teeth. We have worked it in to our routine and we have been brushing them twice a day. She has 12 teeth now and working on more. well a couple of days ago she decided she no longer liked it at ALL. she closes her mouth and hits the tooth brush away and hits at us. it took my DH and I both tonight, he held her and kept her arms down so I could do it and she screamed he entire time. I hope this is just a phase of independence because I find it in other areas too not just brushing her teeth but I know brushing them is important. however, several nights a week I have her by myself and am not sure how I am going to handle this without my DH's help. Any advice that has worked for anyone? My DH brushed his teeth too to try to entice her to do it but it didn't work. I appreciate your thoughts...

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