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my last two had to be cauterized as well.

Also just to let you know with diaper rash. It is a good thing to use the vasaline on them even when they dont have a rash. It helps prevent it as well.

Be careful, my dd had it that early and wound up having eczema and still does. My others didnt have diaper rashes till they started teething so it was odd that she did. Just a thought to think of, make sure you only use dove on baby and not baby shampoo or soaps, dont use any Dreft or Ivory Snow on clothes at all. Use only Free stuff like ALL free or TIDE free. It is free if dyes and perfumes. Tide is also free and sensitive i think its called. I found out the hard way that those products are all harsh to get out the gross stuff in the clothing but is still harsh to their skin.

good luck dear

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